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I bought an Onkyo Network Reciever and a wireless modem so I can stream music from my home computer to my 2-channel audio system.

My question is not streaming music I have already stored on my computer's hard drive, but rather steaming music from one of those internet music companies like AUPEO, Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, v-Tuner, Last.FM

Is one of these any better than the next? I listened to a couple of these services like Rhapsody and AUPEO through my home computer, and there were so many commercials between songs that it wasn't even worth listening to.

v-Tuner was basically just a whole bunch of various commercial radio stations to choose from, but it was free. I am thinking since it's just commercial radio, the music quality ain't that great.

AUPEO did have a premium service that costs $4.95 per month. Rhapsody Premium cost $10.00 per month, but with these services, I guess you don't get the advertisments after paying the monthly fee.

My question ... Is anyone of these internet streaming music services any better than the next?

Maybe I just don't have an understanding of what they really offer. I noticed that you can specify a certain album to listen to, but I don't want to keep going back to my computer every 45 minutes to stream another album after the 1st one is finished playing.

Maybe what I am looking for is just music that plays all day without the need to go back to the computer to pick a different song or album after the 1st one is finished.

I did have XM Radio once, but it wasn't worth the money to me ... And getting XM to stop billing your credit card when you didn't want there service anymore was a real big pain in the A$$ ... Very poor customer service! In fact, I never even activated XM in my new Corvette even though I had a free 3 month trial subscription.

If anyone could explain all these steaming music services to me in simple terms, it would be very much appreciated.

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    I go with the free stuff, a BUNCH of universities have streams. I love Grooveyard !!
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    I too have an Onkyo receiver. There is so much free stuff out there which can be accessed by vTuner I would not pay for anything. vTuner has just short of 20,000 stations available in every format. There are Beatles 24/7 streams, a real taste Pat Metheny station, Classical in all forms, Jazz etc. From all over the world. I happen to like Hindi pop, and Bollywood OST's it is all there.
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    I usually use Spotify, you can set up custom playlists of multiple albums.
    Depending on your tastes in music, I also recommend you try for a varied playlist.
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    I use MOG. $4.95 per month. They claim to have higher quality streaming.
    From their website...MOG utilizes high quality (320 kbps CBR) MP3 files for the audio streams by default, unlike many other sites that deliver low quality files (typically 64 kbps). When you connect to the service, it will try to determine the best quality for your connection and adjust accordingly, at the 320 kpbs default or 128 kbps for slower/busier connections.

    When I don't want to mess around with picking out albums, I just use the free version of Pandora.

    These are the only two services I have used for streaming and I am happy so far. Maybe ignorance is bliss on my part as the other services may be equal or better.
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