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I recently purchased db521 speakers for my Goldwing. According to forum members they were SUPPOSE to fit which
they will not. After searching the technical specifications page on this site I have found something that puzzles me.
I would like to know the reason that some places call a db501 a 5" speaker and some call it a 4" speaker. According to
the spec page, db401 & db501 are both listed as 4" diameter. The only variable which I see is 401's come with grills &
501's do not include grills. Both list cut out diameter as 3 11/16" which should be for a 4" speaker.
When I purchased the db521's I was under the assumption the 501's were 5" so I could surely fit a 5 1/4" speaker in the
same housing those guys were fitting in 5" speakers (which were actually 4" ones).
Now I am having to return/reorder correct sized speakers and want to be absolutely positive I am going to get a 4" speaker
if I persue the 501's.
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    118 replies ??? Great forum...NOT!!!!
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    You are mistaken. This is a great forum. There have been times I have posted a question with no responses. However I understood that it was because no one knew the answer.

    Without this forum I would not have been able to build the 2-channel system I have today. I have posted tons of threads here and many more times than not I have had multiple responses.

    My guess is that no one knows the answer to your question and the knock on the forum on your part is not warranted.
    118 replies ??? Great forum...NOT!!!!
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    silver, have you contacted customer service? 1-866-764-1801. Someone there will surely answer your question. Welcome to the forum btw.... :)
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    Wrong way...oops.
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    118 replies ??? Great forum...NOT!!!!

    Well, silver6shooter, had you put a little more info in your thread title about what you were confused about, rather than just "confused...", maybe someone more familiar with the topic would have visited the thread. And, others who know nothing about it would likely not have viewed it in the first place. Therefore, your view count is falsely inflated and your apparent impression that nobody here wants to help you is, at a minimum, misinformed. However, those that might visit now, sensing an attitude adjustment is in order, might just decide not to help even if they could. :confused:

    See, I actually clicked on your thread thinking you might have been confused about rectal fissures and were wondering if they were simply the result of straining to pass densely packed stool or, if there are some other causes of them. Hmmmm..... :eek:
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    I own about 50 pair of speakers and do not know what a db521 is, perhaps a part for something, nor do I know what a Goldwing is...I'm guessing something in the Finch family? Maybe more details on what you want.
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    ^ Honda Goldwing
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 15,560
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    halo71 wrote: »
    ^ Honda Goldwing

    ^^^^^^^Lazyboy with two wheels and a bug catcher & road soda holder^^^^^^^
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    "A direct line to Polk Audio customer service. If you've got questions or answers post here" is what the TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION says.

    Thank you all very much...proved my point quite sucessfully...

    And hopefully I will never have to deal with any of you in traffic while out riding my "Lazyboy" as you call it, oh that won"t happen you all probably never get out from behind you keyboards.....GOOD-BYE.
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    ^ Ya know. I was very nice and welcoming to you. Even pointed out what a Goldwing was. Gave you the number to call. But if you are too damn lazy to call CS. And basically be a **** bag here on the forum. I am very sorry for you. This your first internet forum? Have you been riding behind to many big rigs and breathed to much exhaust fumes? Your chaps to tight? What is the problem?

    Good luck to ya though! :rolleyes:
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    Waaaaait a minute here.

    Let me get this straight.

    You bought db521's. Your application calls for a speaker that is 1.25" smaller in diameter than the speakers you bought. So you GUESSED that due to model numbers, the 521's would fit since they started with a 5 as well and now you are mad at people here because YOU screwed up?

    And since you only have 3 posts, all of them in this thread, then how did you ask anyone on this forum anything if your first post was to **** everyone out for your screw up?

    Been listenin' to Dale Carnegie tapes, haven't you?
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    Jstas wrote: »
    ...And since you only have 3 posts, all of them in this thread, then how did you ask anyone on this forum anything if your first post was to **** everyone out for your screw up?

    Been listenin' to Dale Carnegie tapes, haven't you?
    Now that. That right there is signature material, that is.
  • Shoot, you don't have to thank me Debra698, I can't take all the credit for whatever it is we're talking about.
    Nice necroposting, btw, from 2012. Keep up the good work. B)
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