Nice vintage Pioneer SX 939 70w/ch receiver from 1975

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For sale vintage Pioneer SX 939 receiver. Not some garage sale find. I am the 2nd owner or this unit. It is from the golden era of Pioneer and was made in 1974 or 75. Features 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 100 in 4 ohms. I have tried or owned Pioneer receivers from the SX 050, SX 080s and SX 3*** and have found the SX 030 series to be the best sounding to my ears.

Has bass and treble controls with turnovers, high, low filters, nono stereo, loudness, -20db muting . Also has hookups for 2 turntables, 2 tape decks, 3 sets of speakers, 1 aux, 1 adaptor and preamp out main amp in.
The unit works great and the controls work as they should. The controls feel great and silky. All lights work except the FM source indicator light. This bulb can found for around $1.30 . Also the AM antena is missing but those can be found. The receiver looks beautiful when turned on

The front panel is very nice with a couple of nicks on the very top edge. The cabinet is walnut and also very nice. There is one very small lifing right next to the side of the top grill 1/4 inch long and on the very back lowest corner. Oveall very very nice and presentable. This thing weighs 40 lbs and is built like a tank. Put the build quality together with the look and the sound and we have winner from when gear was gear. Check my feedback Asking $239
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    Price drop $225
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    Hi geppy1, whereabouts are you located?
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    A very nice piece. Some actually think that the SX-1010 was the "best" receiver "ever" made by Pioneer (sound wise--not power wise). That was TOTL for this series and the 939 was only one model down.

    So WHAT does that tell you?

    GLWTS. If I didn't already have an SX-838. I'd be all over this!

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    geppy1 wrote: »
    Geppy if you dont mind me asking are you from the Baxter Brainerd area?
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    No Roseville St Paul suburb
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    Reduced to $200 Need to move this.
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    Reduced to $185
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    Still for sale sx939?
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    Thread is about 7 years old.
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    It's for sale but I have since changed my moniker and the price has gone back up to the Non-member price of $539 plus shipping. Currently live in Uzbekistan but the mule service still stops by every other week for super fast mail service.

    Still interested?

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    Comedy everywhere
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    Can we go back to 1975 so I can buy it brand new?
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