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I have two 12" kicker cvr and two 12" Rockford p3's both are gonna be pushed by 1200 watt mono class amp should I put all 4 in my car or sell the weaker and buy two more of the same speakers plz help wondering if it would be a good choice to put all or just half
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    Don't ever mix subs. They have different properties and frequency responses.

    I say you sell them all and get 1 or 2 better subs.

    Why exactly do you want 4 subs? I would suggest that you go with 2 subs that have better power handling. JLW6v2, Hertz Hi Energy, Polk SR, etc...
    Don't ever mix subs. They have different properties and frequency responses.

    If you are short on money, two Polk MM subs would do the trick. They are rated 425W a piece, you could use two of them and it would be plenty of power. They go for $159 online.
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    Well it's like 50/50 some people say go ahead and the others say don't do it I think it would be the best thing cuz ones for deep base and ones for clarity I think I have the best of both worlds and both are great speakers especially the Rockford p3's sound incredibly clear well thanks for your opinion
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    sell'em and get all the same
  • decal
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    Buy two more of each and slap all of 'em in !!!!!!!
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
  • SDA1C
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    Sell it all, buy these... and a descent amp, Babam! You're in business!
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    Quality over quantity
  • Moose68Bash
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    Nhpm510 wrote: »
    Quality over quantity

    Definitely! Go for the best you can get for the money you want to put down.
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    Place the subs in a box you design, but each sub in a different chamber which is tuned to the correct frequency for the sub, that way each sub operates correctly, and they are not in the same airspace, and messing with the sound quality, or level. I've seen it done before with good results.
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    Sell them all and get them at the same time
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    We don't understand spam in that from whatever country your from.
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    1200 should be plenty but sales wise a customer may not mixed subs plus they may sound weird together , I would just put 2 in a clean looking box and sell it that way .
    From my sales results people dont want a monster system unless they put it in themselves , and if they do you can offer to do it for a fee once they buy the car
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    This thread is 3 years old. Pretty safe to assume that this poster with 7 posts isn't returning 3 years later. ;)
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    ahhhh. Just looking through the forums to see if there is anything of interest.....

    Hey u never know, maybe he will get an email telling him there is a new reply and check it out?

    Look at my post history and time as a member.

    Stranger things have happened, lol.
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