god of war 3

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I know late to the game but I just picked this up for 15the bucks at hastings new. Love it! The puzzles are challenging but not crazy and the controls are layer out well. Story line is pretty good and no disapoontment here. I wish it offered more surround modes that's my only complaint.
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    I picked up the GOW Collection and GOW 3 for $15 each over a year ago, and I'm still on GOW 2. Blame COD :) Great games!
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    On GOW 3, save your experience to upgrade the Cestus after you kill Hercules, no other weapon is needed.

    This has to be my all time favorite game series. Just picked up the PSP games that were converted to PS3 (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta). They are not as refined as GOW 3, but fill in some of the story lines prior to GOW 1 and between GOW 1 & 2. They are not as long and I beat them both in a week though.
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    Were you able to complete all of the challenges on GOW3? Very tough, but was very fulfilling! Just have to get lucky on some of them. The one with no weapons was TOUGH!!!
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    Im still on the last boss, havnt played in months
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    This game is purely a masterwork. Everyone who thinks this game is anything less than at least fantastic is a complete simpleton. The graphics are not like anything I've ever seen. You really just can't value how technically advanced this title is without playing it.
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    One of the best games ever made.
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    Haven't played this since I got my new TV (50 inch plasma)... It's time to hang out with Aphrodite and her servants in HD!
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    this game kinda sook
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