Crysis 1 on ps3 and 360

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I was browsing games and saw this on the market place and playstation store for $20 and was wondering if anyone here has bought it or saw the game in action

I have not played crysis 2 but have been told in the past that its not as good as the first installment. Does anyone here have the pc game they could compare it too ?

I keep leaning towards the idea of getting into some of these high end pc games and just keeping the consoles around to play with friends and family
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    I've been tempted to buy this on 360, 'cause I never had the PC to run the old one. They supposedly rebuilt the original game in the new engine, so it ought to look fantastic. Crysis 2 is one of the best-looking games on the 360.
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    I ended up buying this for the xbox instead of the ps3 due to space restrictions on my ps3 hard drive .I have to say that this game on the xbox looks amazing .I was blown away by how good it looked when I fired it up on the epson to check it out .The lighting is spectacular and the action is just great .For $20 its not going to break the bank and give you alot of fun .I just wish they had a multiplayer version
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    I'm not sure how well they 'rebuilt' the first one using the new engine and so how that affects the graphics, but I can say that Crysis 2 on the xbox, even on the PC actually, doesn't even begin to compare graphically to Crysis 1 on the PC. If they've managed to preserve even 2/3's of its magnificence, it'll still be a strong contender with Crysis 2. And at least on the PC, the environments were a lot more interactive and destructible. I'm not sure how that's changed with the xbox version. For $20 I wouldn't hesitate to grab it.
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