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Ok, who has bought this as of now? I went and picked up a copy after work late last night. So far so good. Game play seems a bit more fluid, things look better graphically, and I like some of the new additions to franchise mode.

I especially like the new "cuts by week" mode in preseason of your franchise. Basically, they let you start with 75 players this time, and you have to cut down to the max # of players by the end of the pre-season.

You can also now trade future year draft picks when making player trades with the computer. I'm wondering how many first round picks it'd take to bring someone like Chris Johnson to Miami...

Started a Franchise with the Fins last night and got my @ss handed to me by the Patriots right before I crashed. Wheee.
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    Got it yesterday too and it looks great! Love the new franchise features.

    Updated my PS3 and the game, but I had problems with the EA Server. If I had to guess, maybe too many people online at once?
    This evening I'll try again because I really want the rosters updated.

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    I grabbed this for XBox tonight. First few games were awesome. Although I noticed they had Tebow as the starter in Denver so had to adjust the depth chart. I love the new features and feel like you can play more on autopilot if you want, or go really deep into the play calling up to you. Best one yet in my opinion.
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    This is just my bare review. The graphics are great. Graphics continue to trend towards realism :)
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