How much poly fill?

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I have a .75cuft enclosure wanting to put a 12" momo (.88 cuft)
how much polyfill do i need?
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    please don't double post
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    Please don't be a pain in the **** and answer the question
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    Please dont dig up 4 month old posts just to start ****.
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    well, it is from a guy named 'nimrod'...
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    "common sense" you say? You necro'd a 5 year old thread dude! haha
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    Thanks Gary.....'preciate ya dude.

    Now can you help me shave em?
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    I see a short stay here at CP in your future.

    But I am signed up at this forum, necro'd a 5 year old thread with some off the wall babbling. Why?
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    why ask why Garrray....BUD DRY!

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    I hope he sticks around for a SHORT time. He is quite entertaining.
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    ^^User Pridayadutt. Soon to be reported... Done! (Freaking 60 second limit!)
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    nimrod wrote: »
    Please don't be a pain in the **** and answer the question

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    whats up with these spammers?...@UNODDELVEDA..GO AWAY!!!!!NO ONE WANTS YOUR JUNK!!!
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    What happen to this club?
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    Now this was funny.
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