COD: Would you pay to play?

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Well, would you pay to play COD?

COD pay to play

And I'm not sure if this means you could pay and not have to worry about earning any of your guns, perks,etc. If so, that would suck.......

"The exclusive content could be pay as you go, or monthly. Let's say Project Beachhead comes up with 'Call of Duty Universe,' and it launches with Modern Warfare 3 and they say 'if you join here's all the exclusive content and exclusive weapons and we'll charge you a dollar a piece.' Or If they say, 'for $5 a month you get unlimited weapons and all the map packs we bring out for Modern Warfare in perpetuity,' a lot of people will say, 'I'm going to buy three map packs for 15 dollars anyway, so for $60 a year, I'm getting all the unlimited weapons and achievements,' so they could do that. I don't know if that's what they're going to choose to do. I'd say $5 a month is reasonable, though."
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    Not a chance. Since CoD MW 4, the series has gone to ****.

    Unless they come out with an amazingly awesome new game...not a chance. Obviously some people will, but not I.
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    I already pay a sensible fee to game online without the headaches other consoles have, but I won't be paying anything additional to game online with a specific game.
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    they can kiss my natural black @ss!!!!!!

    are they out of their tree?!?!

    apparently the throngs of mindless automatons buying there game ad nauseum to break sales records isnt enough?

    looks like I'll be staying in the "Battlefield" camp for a while.

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    I wouldn't. I can live with paying for XBOX Live b/c the QOS is good. But I'm not paying anything more.
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    Demiurge wrote: »
    I already pay a sensible fee to game online without the headaches other consoles have, but I won't be paying anything additional to game online with a specific game.

    +1 with Demi. No way I'd pay more for this crap. I enjoy playing it, but no additional coin from me other than my XBL account.
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