Cheap sub for sale

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  • Frank ZFrank Z Polk-a-dweeb Posts: 5,967
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    P.O.S., it only puts out 2600 watts max! My Sunfire puts out 2700 watts for a fraction of the cost!:D :D :D
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  • ken brydsonken brydson Posts: 7,523
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    It looks like a freakin' footlocker........:D
    Trying to sell a $20K sub and don't even take the time to clean off the fingerprints. That's marketing at it's finest!
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  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
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    How can a sub weigh 400 pounds. I bet it won't vibrate or jump around the floor like ths Sunfire can. Not a slam on Sunfire, I have the MKII and love it.
  • Frank ZFrank Z Polk-a-dweeb Posts: 5,967
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    Same model here, and yes I've seen that 50lb sub dance!:D
    9/11 - WE WILL NEVER FORGET!! (<---<<click)
    2005-06 Club Polk Football Pool Champion!! :D
  • tigerfever1tigerfever1 Posts: 33
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    That's insane, 20k for that? 400lbs? How do you move it? I don't think the wives out there will want us using a rolling engine hoist in the living room. I am sure glad Krell does not manufacture Small appliances, I can see it now........The New Krell 35TW Microwave oven, capable of cooking an entire pig with a built in rotisseri in under 5 minutes and 30 cubic feet of oven space. A 35,000 watt power rating can fry an cubic foot of solid ice in 35 seconds and also comes with 1" thick Titanium Sidewalls and Anti Vibration isolators for those long cooking periods. A Dual 440 volt DC connection is required and not recommended for the amature chef, yes get it now before the epa pulls it because of interferance with radio waves three blocks away. Please allow six months for delivery as these are hand built and must ship via train/forklift. Ok I'm done now..
  • goingganzogoingganzo Posts: 2,797
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    i will put my sub on the catagory as that sub not in price but on output and quailty i bet a svs pb2 isd will keep up with it also and at 1/20ith the price. when the sub upgrade gets to the top of the list it will level just about any store bought sub. aka strikeforce part due
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  • JrVtecAccordJrVtecAccord Posts: 64
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    I belive I saw a member on Audiogon with two of those beast in his setup. I wouldn't pay that much for that sub even if I had a never ending supply of money, it just looks plain ugly.
  • vtec11vtec11 Posts: 82
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    if its $20k for a demo unit, how much is a new one?? :confused:

  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,294
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    "if you have to ask, you can't afford it"
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