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I'm interested in a new A/V reciever to replace my Kenwood 507. I have Polk R40's for Mains, CS245i center and "el cheapo" surrounds. (will get a pair of RT15i's when i see them on sale)

I know some of you guys have the Outlaw 1050 and i'm interested how it sounds with your polks, and If you've encounterd any video issues with it.

The other A/V recievers i'm thinking about are Dennon 3801 and Oknyo 797.

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  • wangotango68wangotango68 Guest Posts: 1,056
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    i bought the outlaw 1050.all the good reviews that it had i thought i could'nt go wrong. well it sounded good up untill
    the left channel went out. so i sent it back got my money back and bought a denon 1802,and im very pleased with it.

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    i have the onkyo 787 and it is a awsome recever it is just the same as the 797 but the 797 has some little differances it is the new moddle i got mine new for 725 out the door. i bet ig you can get the same price on the new moddle i just had to find a authroised dealer that woul match a price i got on line. and the onkyo is even upgradeable too. i am thinking of adding a 7 chanel power amp.
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    I bought the Onkyo 797 about 2 weeks ago now and love it. Though one of the main reasons i bought it was of all the features for the price and plus i had like 500 bucks worth of cc gift cards i got for free so i coudnt beat the deal.
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    if you can hold out, looks like this may be a sweet recevier for the budget price...

    onkyo tx-sr6000
  • CrazyHeadCrazyHead Posts: 63
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    Outlaw is great for home theater. But if you're ever going to get into music, I'd steer clear of them.

    If you want a musical receiver that does 5.1, check out Harman/Kardon.

    If you want a great 5 channel amp, check out Sherbourne. Their 5 channel amp is essentially 5 monoblocks in a single chassis. In fact, you can buy just the chassis and add the monoblocks as you go. Sherbourne makes very good, musical solid state amps.

    Of course, if you want the ultimate, I'd go vacuum tube. If you're driving efficient speakers, Antique Sound Lab makes some great little 10 watt tube monoblocks for around $100 each.

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