POLK RT800IBLK FOR SALE..Must sell asap

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I have already posted my other speakers for sale on another post and they are pretty much sold pending the funds.
Now, i need to sell the last of the speakers.

I will sell the speakers for 450.00 plus shipping for the pair or OBO.
Also I will ship them UPS C.O.D. or if you are within 75 miles of cincinnati, i will deliver them free.

Please email me at both of my addresses so i can get the email at any time of the day:
[email protected] and [email protected]
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  • danger boydanger boy Posts: 15,888
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    while those RT800i's are nice speakers.. i have a pair myself in cherry... that starting price of $450 seems a bit high.. but you also did say OBO... so there is room there.

    just giving you a heads up on what people might be willing to pay.. and $450 might be a little high.

    good luck though.. sounds like all your others sold very fast.

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    I think my selling price was a tad high.
    How about 300.00 plus shipping for the pair?

    Please email me and let me know

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • fgr41fgr41 Posts: 432
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    $300 seems like a sweet deal to me. Damn and I just spent $600 on a new SVS so I'm tapped out. I have a pair of these up front and would LOVE to have a pair driving the rears.

    For $300 I'm sure someone will snatch them up.
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