Jazz suggestions anyone ?

presidanpresidan Posts: 116
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I'm looking for a good Jazz cd. I like real mellow and smooth stuff, you know the kind of stuff i can listen to while laying in bed. I dont know anything about Jazz really but i do like it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
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  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    i just got the 'kind of blue' miles davis disc. i asked for some suggestions on good jazz discs as well, check out the replies here:

  • Ron-PRon-P Spaceman Spiff Posts: 8,511
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    How about some good female mellow type jazz?

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  • wodom1wodom1 Posts: 1,072
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    i second Kind of Blue. it's a great, really mellow album. Blue Miles by Miles Davis is excellent too. There's a great Dave Brubeck album that's mellow too--This is Jazz Vol. 39, Dave Brubeck plays standards. some more:
    Ultimate Bill Evans
    Dave Brubeck-Time Out
    Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers-Moanin' (not really mellow, but an outstanding album)
    Thelonious Monk-Monk's Music
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  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    Ron, I just got my tickets to see Diana Krall at the Meyerhoff here in B'more in April. I last saw her in tiny, intimate Blues Alley in DC. She's really something: a great talent, great voice, wonderful band. Lots of style.

    Also, check out works by jazz singer Patricia Barber (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/103-4615998-0324649), she's completely smokin (as a singer, that is) and her CDs are all audiophile dreams. She does a great version of that muppet song "Inch Worm." No foolin.

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  • yoeddyyoeddy Registered User Posts: 140
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    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh....Diana Krall will knock you on yer behind! Mmmmm...that voice sounds nice on Polks with the right hardware to back them up! Got all her cd's.
  • schumachschumach Posts: 199
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    Two that I really like are "Jazz Samba" and "For Sax Lovers". After putting the kids to bed, this is great music to relax to.

  • JelleeJellee Posts: 6
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    Hmmm I recommend Sade- Cant go wrong with her "Best Of" CD and her latest I believe is "Lovers Rock". :D If you like acoustic guitar I Alex De Grassi - "The World's Getting Loud". For the more complex soul I would say Pat Metheny. Have Fun
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  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,036
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    I recommend the following.

    Jazz to relax to:
    Cole Porter-Any Best Of
    Thelonious Monk-Live at the It
    Kitaro-Silk Road
    Andreas Vollenweider-White Winds
    The first 2 are classic piano Jazz. I find Jazz based on piano to be much more soothing than horn, sax, or vocal. The second 2 are New Age. I find Kitaro to be very enjoyable. Andreas plays an electric harp that sounds sooo sweet.

    Bonus round!
    Jazz to clean the house to:
    John Coltrane-The Ultimate Blue Train
    Miles Davis-Essential Miles
    Dave Brubeck-Time Out
    Sun Ra-Space is the Place
    Tangerine Dream-Ricochet
    3 classics, 1 Space, 1 New Age

    Good luck! I started fully appreciating Jazz about a year ago. It's awesome. I currently listen to a couple of public radio stations that rule! I'd rather listen to 20 different songs a day that are new to me, than 4 songs repeated 5 times that are new to Billboard. I'm even thinking about digital cable mainly for the music stations.
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  • Steve@3dai[email protected] Posts: 983
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    You might want to sample some Nightmares on Wax as well. It has more of a hip-hop flava' to it, but very smoothing and laid back. A couple of the songs have female vocalist on it. Carboot Soul is the recommended first pick from their collection.

    - Steve
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  • Crank It UpCrank It Up Posts: 6
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    You might want to give Jean Luc Ponty a listen. Quite a variety in the music. I've heard his stuff described as electric jazz violin and I'd agree with that. Check out the last track on "The Very Best of...", very upbeat and inspiring.
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  • joe logstonjoe logston Posts: 882
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    heres one that is good , i should say awesome, its steve tyrell, standard time. its a new alblum that just came out , the sound quality is awesome to. guranted you will like. its a columbia lable #ck 86006. thanks, joe
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