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I have a four winns 298 Vista and I am replacing my entire system focusing mostly on the speakers outside of the cabin because I spend most of my time outside and dont need too much in the cabin. I have the 6 1/2's replaced but I want to add a sub. There is very little space for a box, but the boat has tons of storage space (lift up a seat cushion and open "box-like" space) like most boats. I was thinking about cutting a hole in the fiberglass on the side of one of the seats and installing the sub firing out towards the rest of the boat seating area. The storage area under the seat is pretty much sealed except for a small drain hole in the corner. If I stuffed it with some poly fill would it work ok? do I have to use polyfill? I was hoping not to to reduce mold growth. It would probably be more of a free air then an enclosed box. What type of sub should I use? I was hoping for the MM1040UM. I have included a picture, to the left under the seat is the location I was shooting for.
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    I have a Clarian CMSW10.1 10" Marine Subwoofer as part of my boats sound system. I have a 40' sea ray and the sub is located in the bridge. it is not mounted in a box. where you are thinking about mounting it is where I've seen most boat subs installed so I think you're good to go. its a $130 sub but can now be found for $70 or so via various web electronics houses, as well as Ebay. It sounds great. I also replaced all the 6.5" Clarian speakers in the bridge and cockpit with larger 7" speakers capable of handling a little more power. of course, a key to a boats sound system (same with any sound system) is enough clean power to drive each speaker channel as its designed, so a decent quality amp may be needed as well. The Clarian sub is a passive sub (no built in amp).

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    JL Audio M10IB5-CG-TB infinite baffle subwoofer will work great. Don't fill the care with anything it will just collect moisture....
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    Someoen local to me is selling a brand new Polk-MOMO-MM2124 for $60, I know its a pretty good deal for this sub, plus its marine rated, but what is everyones opinion of its use in a free air type of setting? 12" was bigger then what I wanted but for the price it sounds a bit tempting
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    I have two of the 10 inch MM1040UMs installed in the firewall at the driver's feet on my boat. I did not put them in any type of acoustic boxes, they are just enclosed in the forward locker (probably around 3 cubic feet is my guess). The 1040s sound really good, and have held up very well to the elements! I have a little rust on the back side of the metal frame around the speaker, but other than that they look brand new. The output is awesome as well. The other nice thing about the 1040s is that they are fairly compact and mount easily! I say spend some money and get the 1040s, I know you will be happy with them. (By the way, my boat lives outside under a Sunbrella cover... so its in the elements 24/7)
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