Encloser Box Build "How too" question...

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Just picked up some Polk Speakers. One LCiC and 2 X LC65i and 2 X LC80i, on recommendation of a friend. Putting in my walls in the basement soon. Basement still at Framing Stage and Drywalling in the next week (I hope). My buddy told me not to worry about the enclosers, he said I could make them myself, think he has higher hopes abolut my skill then I do... I did pick up the Brackets.

First, I am assuming the LCiC should be at the head hight level in the wall too where you are sitting and watching the TV... is this the best place? If I put it above (where the Plasma is going) where I thought, it will be about 7' above the floor...Is this too high?

Second, trying to find info about what these encloser boxes are supposed to be like for the 5 X Speakers and how to build them... Looked on the web how to make them and too many things pointing me in different directions. If someone has made an encloser box for any of these speakers, any help would be great....

thanks for any help

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    Wrong forum. These are home speakers, you've posted in the Car Audio section. This is "Custom Fabrication" as in fiberglass sub boxes and door pods and such. Nobody from the Home Audio side that might have experience with this is going to see this here. You need to put this in one of the Home Audio forums. The "Speakers" section would be your best bet.

    For grammar's sake the word is "enclosure", not "encloser".
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