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1800W 2 / 3 / 4-Channel A/B Class Amplifier
225W x 4-Ch @ 4-Ohms or
450W x 4-Ch @ 2-Ohms or
900W x 2-Ch @ 4-Ohms Dynamic Music Watts
SEPP A/B-Class P-Series Amplifier Designs
Bridgeable Designs: All 2-Ch & 4-Ch
Illuminated, Large New Design Crunch Logo
P. MOSFET Pulse Wave Modulated Power Supply For Instant Maxx Current Output
1-Ohm Capable A/B Class Mono Block Amps
2-Ohm Capable A/B Class 2/4/5-Ch Amps
4-Ch Amps Config to 3-Ch R & L and Sub Mode
Rugged MOSFET Audio Outputs
P-Series Amp Protection with System Diagnostics LED's That Protects Against:
Current / Amperage Overload
Short Circuits
Thermal Overload
DC Offset
2/4Ch Amps Have Hi-Level Speaker Lead Inputs
Silver Preamp Level RCA Inputs
Daisy Chain Line Outputs (except P-Series 5000.5)
Mono Blocks & 5-Channel P-Series Amp Include a Remote Bass Control
Versa Cross™ Sound Shaping Controls *
Mono/Stereo Switch
HP/LP/Full-Pass Freq. Selections
Crossover Frequency Adjustments:
(60 Hz to 1.2kHz for all multi-Ch amps)
(30 Hz to 250 Hz Low-Pass *)
*Exception: P 1000.1 & P 1500.1 are Low-Pass Only
Adjustable (60Hz to 150Hz) & Include Variable Subsonic
Filter (15Hz to 55Hz)
4-Ch P-Series Include Separate F & R Bass EQ Controls Adjustable +12dB Bass EQ @ 45Hz
Input Level Control (0.2 to 5V for all 2/4/5-Ch Amps or 6V for P Mono-Block Amps)
Oversized Speaker Terminals
Powered By Maxxsonics" Technology

thats my AMP stats. im having a hard time picking what new subs to get and what subs would be the best my choices are kicker cvx kenwood kfc-w3011. kenwood KFC-W3012 or kenwood
now there are other kickers that i can choose from but im almost positive i would blow them like the kicker cvr and kicker comps and i dont want to get square ones cause i dont want to get a new box.....(btw im talking about 12inch in size.
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