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Hello all,
I have read a few times on this forum that the MM10 and MM12 subwoofers have a tendency to hit the grill and make noise when they have a good loud hit. Is this true? If mine do it how can I fix it without voiding the warrenty? If I remove the grill it voids the warrenty because the same screws also mount the speaker. Just wondering what do do If I run into this problem.
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    Just raise the grille. Put some spacers between the speaker mounting flange and the grille until it doesn't hit anymore. It should only need another 1/4 to 1.2 inch of clearance at the most.
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    the last tiem somebody said ", my momo was slapping the grille", kim told them to send it back because it was recalled...

    bad glue on the surrounds made some do that.

    i slammed the living **** out of an mm12 in the polkie enclosure with the grille and it didn't slap the grille even once -- not even when i started playing techno computer generated **** that's nothing but bass bass and more bass.

    either a) its a recall b) you're wayyyy over juiceing it and thus overexcurting the sub [like more than 700 watts] or c) somebody made that grille to shallow -- either way -- i'd send it back to the polkies, and if they send u another one that does the same thing -- unscrew the grille and figure out some spacer deal like John said... if they try to fk u on warranty, then tell them to build a better sub.
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    Thanks Vinny
    I am having my entier system installed as we speak. It will be done in about a week or two (finally after all this waiting its showing up). I don't think that the subs will be overjuiced (600w rms rated at 14.4v). I think that should be about right for each sub. After it's installed all that I need to do is get my car repainted and get some new Porsche 18" turbo twist wheels for my car. Hopefully I will get my pics published on this web site. The install isn't easy either. We are having to do fiberglass buildouts on the doors and the rear panels to get the MM6's to fit and look good. All that I have left to buy is some machine screws, t nuts, plywood, and the acrylic. All that should not run more then about $400 at the most.

    Once again thanks for all your help and patience,

    Adam Keske
    Patience... patience...

    Screw patience... Crank the volume and floor it you panzie.
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