RE audio vs Ascendant audio VS RE AUDIO

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On a budget so i was wondering which of these set ups will bet the best kick in the a$$ for me.

2 15" RE AUDIO SR15D2 600 RMS/1200 PEAK(in a ported box) a pair with a ALPINE MRP-M500 500 rms or

2 15" ASCENDANT AUDIO AVALANCH RMS??/PEAK??(in a sealed box) with a HIFONICS 1500 rms

2 15" RE AUDIO SEX15D2 1200 RMS/2400 PEAK(in a sealed box) with a SOUNDSTORM F1200M 1200 rms...
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    Soundstorm sounds bad and cheap and proabably is. The Alpine is a good amp and will do 500 watts at 14.4volts of input. Its a nice amp but two 600watt rms 15's subs is to much for it to drive. It's better suited for a couple of entry level 10"s or 12's. That leaves the Hifonics amp. I do like the RE subs but don't know much about the Ascendant audio. If you are looking for max bass go with a ported box and a speaker designed for a ported enclosure...
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