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Hello! I have two Polk sda srs 1.2s. I have no clue what kind or size of amp I should get for these speakers (and as the idiot at Best Buy looked at me like I was crazy for owning speakers like these) I was hoping you guys might be of a little more help. Any suggestions?


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    I think you would do well with any good high current, high quality solid state amp with atleast 200 wpc. If you go the tube route, you could go with 50 wpc or more. Although I've heard smaller SDAs powered with as little as 20 tube wpc and they sounded awesome.

    I had three different amps powering my 1.2TLs. The first was in a biamped configuration using a Parasound HCA 1000A (125 wpc) powering the high frequencies and a pair of modified Adcom 565 mono blocks (300 wpc) powering the lows. I currently use a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 hybrid integrated amp (350 wpc) in a biwire configuration.

    Check out audiogon for used amps if you are comfortable going that route. You will find some very high quality amps at a great price. Whatever you decide to do, DON'T go with and AVR as they simply will not provide the power and dynamic headroom you will need for those babies IMHO.

    Have you considered upgrading/updating the crossovers? Upgrading the tweeters? Dynamatting the MW baskets? Spiking the speakers? Using Mortite to seal your MWs? If you haven't there are many threads here on how to and all of these tweaks make a great improvement is SQ and you'll be blown away with the crossover updates/upgrades as they make the 1.2s sound like a whole new speaker.