What's the best IC you have heard?



  • Joey_V
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    I think it’s up between wireworld platinum and aq fire. I have not heard aq wild or wel…
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  • treitz3
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    Can't really comment on that particular lineup of Kimber because I don't pay that close of attention to the lineup. I have heard many a rig over the years that use them and I wasn't too enamored with them at all. With that said, I did hear one system recently (2 years ago) that did sound rather nice really nice and they used all Kimber cables. Now, that was a rig that had a really good source(s) and front end but the end result was very pleasurable.

    That system made me change my negative thoughts/observations about Kimber but unfortunately, I had already outfitted my rig with Transparent Reference IC's.....so, a little late to the party on that one.

    I had tried many different cables and metallurgy's within my various rigs (including MIT) but didn't prefer the sonic signatures of any of them. Some did some things well, some did other things well but with deficiencies that weren't worth the attributes. Once I tried a lower line Transparent. I liked it immediately, so I moved up the ladder and something I thought was always a room anomaly, turned out to be a cable issue (did not know until I upgraded) with ALL of the cables I had tried....so I moved up to the Reference and outfitted the entire rig with them. Haven't felt the desire to change any of them out since. They have great synergy within my rig and hit all of the attributes just right with no deficiencies or sonic signature.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help for you on Kimber cables. I offered you about all I know about them. I do know this though. There are a lot of people that really like them....the empirical evidence should speak for itself.

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  • VR3
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    I've ran across kimber a few times but like Tom, just nothing ever stood out to me.

    I have learned towards tin plated copper over the years for the neutrality.
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