Two Different amps?

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I have two different amp. one is 800peak 250rms and the other one is 1000peak 260rms

is it a good idea to connect them together? how would i wire the subs? It is wired to one connector outside the box. should i keep that or do i wire each sub to an amp?
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    I dont think it would be such a good idea connecting them together...if you do try it please tell the outcome! But if i didnt answer your question can you clarify a little...
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    Run one sub to each amp.
    You will have to add a terminal for each sub on the back of the box.
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    hifonix wrote: »
    Run one sub to each amp.
    You will have to add a terminal for each sub on the back of the box.

    Ummmmm, no...not a good idea to run dissimilar amplifiers to a pair of subs.

    You want the woofers to be identical for use in the same install/listening environment to avoid peaks/nulls in response, and you also want each woofer to receive the same amount of power. Mixing amps to identical subs will be a bad idea as you'll have the woofers performing differently and fighting each other at different volume levels. Don't be "ghetto" - if your amplifiers aren't appropriate, you can always trade them for a single amp suitable for powering both woofers.

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    Ya, I don't recommend using two different amps. Get two of the same if you can. They may not mesh well together and sound like crap.
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    So if you have 2 of the same amps it would be okay to hook both amps to 1 subwoofer? I am just wondering.
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    If the subwoofer had more than one voice coil (dual voice coil for example) you could wire two seperate amps, one to each voice coil, and it would work. Under normal listening conditions I would not recommend it. Now if you have two identical amps that have the ability to stap together then this would be ok. The pair that is designed to go together usually shares the same controls whick makes it easy to tune them. Even though you have two of the same amps they are probably not exact dupilicates. Look at the birth sheets that come with same amps and you will see a big difference in actual output even though they are rated the same.
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