New Xterra , how to install subs in the windows

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Ok sounds funny, but polk has some pics of demo cars/trucks on showcase and they have a ford escape with custom fiberglass enclosures in the back windows in the cargo erea, i want some bass and i don't want to lose and cargo room, could these enclosure's be fabricated by someone and not cost a ton of cash?? and where would someone go for this type of custom job?? I don't want any changes to the truck as its my main family vehicle as well, i do however maybe one day want a dvd and lcd headrests, and some other stuff,
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    depends on what you put in there and who you know. if you put something real powerful in, they're gonna need to be thick, strong, and expensive. likewise, if you don't have a friend that's good at fiberglass, it's going to be not-cheap. not hideously expensive, necessarily, but not covered by the change you find in your couch either.
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