Bazooka Subs any good?

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I recently purchased some audio gear from my girlfriend's dad's friend. I don't have the model # number on the sub, because it's in a box, and it's two 12's. The only time I ever heard of Bazooka prior were those tube amps they use to sell at circuit city.

Does anyone know if Bazooka generally makes good subs? I was at a pawn shop today, and saw two Rockford Fosgate Punch 2 (didn't get specific model), in a box for $50. I'm considering pawning or selling the Bazooka subs, and getting those. What do you guys suggest?

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    I suggest you buy my subs. Theyre in the garage sale section.

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    I suggest selling them and building your own sub with the rockfords, youll feel alot better and be happy with the results
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    Endesereth wrote: »
    I suggest selling them and building your own sub with the rockfords, youll feel alot better and be happy with the results

    I wish I could build my own sub. Then again, it probably wouldn't sound as good as anything bazooka or anyone else puts out.
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    Honestly, I have never had good results using bazooka subs. They never sound as good as a nice box.
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    Rockford > Bazooka
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    I had a box with 2 bazooka 12s and It was tighter than any Rockfords I have ever heard. They were only 250 watters They were just about as loud as a pair of rockfords that were eating 500 watts a piece. I had the Bazookas in a box that had right around a cubic foot per side.
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    i like the high end JL Audio subs the best....i have 2 JL 12W6v2's in my car and it is awesome..
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    Keiko wrote: »
    Dunno 'bout their subs, but I've always enjoyed the bubblegum. :o

    The bubble gum is much better than the subs. I would not get the Bazooka subwoofers. Rockford is a better brand. 20 years ago Bazooka made a decent product but have gone after the small $ over recent years. Their product is marketed well but the product is not that great....
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    I would steer clear of bazooka subs. JL Audio and Rockford FOsgate are what you want.
    I had a pair of JL Audio subwoofers 8 ohm series and they thumped like 15s... No joke.
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    I smell a BOT

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