QOTD: What would you do if you had a million dollars?



  • ozzy21236
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    Sell my house and build a new one of modest size that incorporates geothermal heating and cooling. Also solar panels etc. I would want to be as self sufficient as possible as to not have to be concerned with the volatile costs of energy.
    Purchase a new reliable car such as a Toyota Avalon or similiar and I could probably swing paying off my parents house too.
    I could live very comfortably on my wages if I had no debt besides property taxes.
    While this probably sounds very selfish, it is probably what I'd really do with a million bucks.

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    ozzy21236 wrote: »
    While this probably sounds very selfish, it is probably what I'd really do with a million bucks.


    It's good to see people being honest.

    They're the ones I suspect that will truly be charitable should they be so fortunate as to receive such a large sum of money....and also do so without all of the "look at me, I gave," fanfare.
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    Jstas wrote: »
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?


    I walk by these homeless people every day on my way home from work. They just showed up in the past 6 months. They don't look like the typical homeless person you see in Philly with some kind of drug/alcohol problem or mental illness. They look like "a regular joe down on his luck".

    Well yesterday there was an old couple out there. Well, not really old, probably in their mid to late 50's. There were two women and a man talking to them and giving them food. I overheard them say they lost their house because he lost his job and they aren't old enough for social security benefits yet or something.

    It made me think. If I had a million bucks, I'd buy a chunk of land, maybe 10-15 acres. Then I'd buy trailers and park them on that land and set them up with sewer, water and power. Then I would start rounding up some of these folks who got the short end of the stick and put them up in my trailers until they could get back out on their own again. Or, once they got back on their feet, charge them rent to stay. I mean, it's not much but I could stretch a million bucks a long way doing something like that. Once it was established and people were getting helped out, additional funding through grants and charitable contributions would be fairly easy to come by.

    Maybe that's me "looking for attention" again, :rolleyes: I dunno. But if I had a million bucks, I'd probably do that. I have all the stuff I need so I wouldn't really need the money. I mean a Ferrari would be spectacular but I think helpin' some of those people out would be better.

    My wife and I agreed we would do the same thing if we won the lotto.
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    I don't mind helping people, but would rather keep it to parents and sister/ niece and nephew. I grew up 3k miles away from the rest of my family, so we're not overly tight or anything. I just want my immediate family to be bill free and worry free. I don't care about myself until they're taken care of 1st. And my needs would be simple; I can't imagine wanting a house larger than 1500-1600 sq ft. More room= more to clean.
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    I wouldnt buy a Fiat!
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