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The world is full of different games, and gaming in itself is a different world altogether. It has its own fun, excitement and enthusiasm, which is incomparable to other forms of entertainment. And this holds true, especially in the case of Nintendo DS games, which have created a roar worldwide. They have a larger fan following than even Brad Pitt could manage!

Since the time the Nintendo gaming console has hit the market, the gaming experience has completely transformed. Not only do we see a greater variety in games, but we also have better graphics and facilities of multi-player games. Nintendo
games give an ultimately enchanting experience to a gamer, such that you are sure to be hooked on to it!

One of the key features of DS games is interactivity. The games engage and involve the player in an excellent way, and this is what sets them apart from all other sorts of games available in the market. They have interesting stimulating and role playing aspects which are enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

All DS games can be previewed from Nintendo’s Wii channel, on the main menu. The channel gives out previews of all games, and also updates on the new DS games being launched. This way, the gamer is guaranteed full knowledge of the recent developments.

Some of the most famous Nintendo DS games include Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. Other games such as the Legend of Zelda- Phantom Hour Glass and Battles of Prince of Persia are also quite famous.

When buying DS games, certain things need to be kept in mind. One should always check on points such as reviews, rankings, number of players etc. Reviews by existing customers of the games, and rankings of DS games on the internet and other media such as newspapers and magazines help in the selection of good games.
Also check on whether the DS games you are planning to buy are suited for Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, there can be differences in the prices of DS games with different dealers. Hence, always do a comprehensive check with all dealers to compare prices before buying DS games.

Nintendo DS games are also known for their 3D graphics, and brilliant virtual environment. Again, user reviews and other information sources available help to know which DS games offer a better experience than the others.
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