Use existing Monitor 60's as surrounds in my new setup?

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I've been busy upgrading this year and have a question about the last remaining piece of my old setup.

Currently I have this:

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR807
Fronts: RTi A9
Centre: CSi A6
Surrounds: Monitor 60

I moved the rest of my old system upstairs, but the wife did not want the 60's due to space constraints. My options are to keep them running as my surrounds (they seem to sound OK) or replace them with RTi A3's (on sale now), FXi A4's (also on sale) or FXi A6's (rarely on sale and never sold locally).

Money-wise I'm on the fence - I've spent a fortune this year upgrading so the sale price on the A3's or A4's means it's not too much more to complete the set up, but after spending a fortune already I don't know if I should replace the 60's and wonder if I can hear a difference.

Future Shop carries 2 out of the 3 locally, but I don't think listening to them in store would tell me how it would sound in my setup. You guys probably can't tell me either, but I thought I would ask. If I buy the new I would either have to store or sell the 60's and would rather not if I'm not going to get much difference.

I'm assuming I may also hear that I should get more power for the front 3 - I was looking at the XPA-3, but had concerns about price and power. I'm in Canada so the web price versus the actual cost to get it through my door would be quite different. Power concerns me due to the fact that all my stuff runs off a single 15 Amp circuit and the docs say these should have their own. Also just the idea of having to power all this stuff up to watch TV seems over-kill, feels like it may cost me ten bucks worth of power to watch reruns of family Guy...

My usage these days is mostly music, but should be 50% music, 40% movies, 10% games over time..

Room is an L shaped area, was 2 rooms, but I took down a wall to make 1 larger room. TV & stereo equipment at 'top' of L, sub and surrounds about 16 feet away (bottom of L) and right side of that opens up into the bar area.
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