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Ok where to start...

97 Explorer Sport. Two GNX104 SVC's in a Q-Logic type 2 1.0 cu. ft box . Right now I have a Crap amp (Pryamid PB449X 2x125 rms) that I got for free and Definately want to replace.
Question 1: what amp should I get, the best amp I can buy for less than 400? or should I wait for the new Polk amps?
Question 2: Right now I have 8 guage power wiring...will I need 4 guage?
# 3: The whole back of the car rattles alot already, it'll only get worse with more do I fix it?
# 4: I really want an Alpine CDA-7897 head unit, but $600?
And finally down the road I hope to get a pair of MM6 components in the front, but I dont know if they will fit, and what amp should I use for those?

Any help would be great,

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    if you had momo subs i'd say wait for the new amps to "match"... but with the gnx... the reply i gave to the other post fits here..
    MONO AMPS-- in order of quality (best last)...
    all prices at except the profile amp its at

    1-US Acoustics USX 600D - 169
    2-Profile CA400M or 600M - 149
    3-Lightning Audio B2.350.1 -- 179
    4-Kicker 400.1 -- 349
    5-JBL BP 300.1 -- on sale for 199
    6-MTX 4250d or 421D -- 4250D on sale for 209, 421 is 299
    7- Power 351M -- 249

    ... the best buy for the dollar woul dhave to be the Lightning... as I think it gives the reliability and quality of build of the more expensive/better amps (lightning is all fosgate boards) but still has a really low price in comparison. the 351M is a hell of an amp though and i think its the best bet for those subs long term / power / quality wise. but any of those will work.

    the only 2 ohm stable class AB 2 channel i can think of off top of my head is the USamps 400A -- does 400 x 1 (UNDERRATED by a longshot) at 2 ohms bridged with a total harmonic distortion so low that it puts all of the class D mono amps listed above to absolute shame... while i dont know the price offhand i can tell you safely that I think its in the 400 dollar range retail -- maybe 200 ebay?

    re power wire --> if you are only using anY ONE of the amps i listed... then 8 gauge will suffice.... if you use two amps of that power -- 4 gauge.

    re rattling --> fixing rattle is difft in every car.

    re momo's fitting --> if you have a 5.25" or 6.5" openeing with adequate backspacing they'll fit fine -- and power? 125 - 175 x 2 at 4 ohms.

    re alpine head --> you can get older better alpines for cheaper... the 9815 which is one hell of a sweet alpine head (actuall a new model) is only 440 retail / 300 ebay. look at pioneers too.... 7000 series (old or new) can be had for varying prices (older cheaper).
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