Florida/Georgia Polksters--Florida Audio Soc.

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If you would like a chance to hear some great gear and experience some fun with other folks who enjoy audio there is an event coming up in Bunnell Florida sponsered by Palmetto Audio. Bunnell is located fairly close to Daytona Beach, Fl.

Palmetto's CEO Steve Davis is hosting an event at his hi-fi store December 4-5, 2009. I received a call from him and all Polkies who want to attend are definetely invited. This will be a nice more intimate type affair with good food, live music in the afternoon and excellent gear to listen to in a great sound room.

There will representatives from Oracle, Koetsu and other hi-fi companies on hand for demonstrations and good times. Steve Davis is the dealer I purchased my Sound Lab speakers from and he has some exceptional gear on hand both digital and analog.

It would be great to see some of us at this event, if some Ga. Polkies would like to hook up with me and ride down that would be cool.

I have included a link to the store's website so you can see the gear they have and carry, if you need some more info then let me know.

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    Thanks "Papa Tube",,, hmmm, this may be a doable thing for me--thanks for the post.
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    I am sure you and the Mrs. would enjoy the day and the surrounding area, it would be great if you and some others could make it. I can go either or both days. Its about a 2 hour drive from my house south to Bunnell.

    Steve Davis is no slouch when it comes to audio, he has been in the business for many many years. He has one of the most unique audio room ceilings I have ever seen which was installed for the Beveridge speakers he is also a dealer for.

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    I will be there :)

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    Hmmmmm. Might be doable for me.

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