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Here is my current situation. I'm currently running a Sony DA3ES Receiver which is 6.1 Channels. My front speakers are Polk Audio RTi70, my center speaker is a CSi40, and I'm running DUAL PSW450 subs. Here's where I'm having trouble making a decision. For my left and right surrounds I'm using two Polk Audio RM2300 satellites and for my rear center surround I'm using a Polk Audio RM2600 center speaker. All rear speakers are from my first set of Polk Audio RM6600 system. I looking to replace all three rear speakers but not sure which speakers to go with. But keep in mind, in the future I'm looking to purchase the Sony DA7ES Receiver which is 7.1 channel Receiver. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    depends on what you like best.. i tend to like the diffused sound you get from bi/di pole speakers.. not everyone likes that though.. some people prefer the direct firing ones. it's all a matter of taste and what your placement options are. or in your future upgrade case.. you could use a combo of both types.
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