Polk Sub?

danger boy
danger boy Posts: 15,722
can anyone identify this Polk sub model?

I think it's probably a DIY model.. kind of differnet don't you think? polk sub psw200 :lol:
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  • Shizelbs
    Shizelbs Posts: 7,433
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    This could be a fun project when I finally get off my cheap butt and get a better sub than my Sony SA-WM40.
  • joe logston
    joe logston Posts: 882
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    is it a car sub or a computer sub
    . rt-7 mains
    rt-20p surounds
    cs-400i front center
    cs-350 ls rear center
    2 energy take 5, efects
    2- psw-650 , subs
    1- 15" audiosource sub

    lets all go to the next ces.
  • RuSsMaN
    RuSsMaN Posts: 17,987
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    It's an older bandpass home sub. A display model from a stereo shop. Lot's of companies have done this, Velo is big on 'showing' the sub.

    Should work just the same, just meant to show the inner workings of the 'big black box'.

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