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    Today, I checked my drivers on my left speaker and found that the time it took to get back to its original position was no time at all!:eek::o The left speaker is the one with replacement drivers. The MW5003's are not the same as my other MW5001's, which can easily be noticed when you push on the drivers themselves. The 5003's have some resistance when pushed on while you can just touch the 5001's and they'll practically fly back in comparison. I improved the left speaker today by trimming up some of the butyl surround so the screws were not interfering. The response time to get back to position is still much less than the drivers in my right speaker, probably around one or two seconds versus four or five seconds. The bass response in the right speaker is also notably better than the left speaker. I think I'm going to work on both speakers now.:D
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    How about 'O' Rings of suitable size versus gaskets/sealant...?
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    How about 'O' Rings of suitable size versus gaskets/sealant...?

    The mortite treatment is done to solidify the contact between the driver and the baffle more than the gaskets do, this results in a better transfer of energy, which makes for better sound. An o-ring might work even better,IF you could compress it fully so that the driver's rim comes into firm contact with the baffle, but that would entail creating a very precise groove for the o-ring to seat into. As I understand the concept....mounting the drivers with a hard setting adhesive would result in the best sound but....forget about ever being able to remove the drivers without a hammer & chisel !!:eek::)