Will bass boost cause distortion???

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Ok peeps,I just got my GXR's hooked up today to a jbl 300.1 and all i can say is holy balls.This was my first pair of polk subs,and considering their the gxr's,im very impressed haveing used to run kicker subs.Anywho,im still in break in period(and these **** still sound great)so i dont want to crank the bass boost up.It goes +6 db.I have the gain on the amp set to about 1' o clock and the boost to almost zero. Just curios if anyone has run these amps with the boost up and if so does it sound distorted and muddy like,oh i dont know,maybe crap??
I usually run bass on headunit at almost 0 and sub level at 0 to between -6 and +6.
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    a 6db bass boost isn't going to hurt anything -- its in the "good" range... its the 18 and 24 db bass boost circuits that cause havoc.
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    I personally despise "Bass Boost" since it often does one of two things

    1) Inaccurately reproduce the original recording (which accuracy should be the ultimate goal of any audio enthusiast)

    or 2) overload the amplifier and, as you fear, cause distortion...


    In any case, I must here on acquiese, for I too enjoy the feeling of the subs in my car...

    I have a Cerwin Vega Stealth (I know--old as Lucifer) in a factory ported box, and it sounds like magic on my 300 [email protected] US Acoustics 2100....right now I am trying to decide whether the box that I have for my Polk GNX104s is too small before I put them back in my car (you should see my post on here)...

    In any case, I must admit to a 3db boost adjustment on my amps... But no more! Any more and the reproduction is truly too inaccurate...

    Keep in mind that every 3db is double the wattage that the amp has allocated for just that one frequency... In essence that's half the wattage that everyother frequency would've had for it available...

    You feel me?

    I've always chosen to improve certain frequencies via an equalizer by turning other frequencies down (just a little) to keep the headroom integrity...

    Just a thought...
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