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I'm currently working on getting my car audio system set up. I've just recently ordered a set of Polk DB 5.25" components (with Infinity reference x-overs) of ebay for $80. I have also ordered a sub amp, a US Acoustics USX2150 (150 x 2, 450 x 1).

With that said, I need to know what my best bet is as far as subwoofers go. What I'm looking for is more SQ. I want clean tight bass and I want it deep. Those two requirements are equally important. I have, SOMEWHERE a refurbed DB12 IF I can find it. I'm not overly hopeful on that score though. If I can't find it, what would be my best bet as far as another one (or two) goes? I'm on a VERY limited budget, probably can't afford too much over $100 right now (I can get the 10" and 12" momos on ebay for around $130-140 all the time). They also have plenty of others on there too.
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    for a single 12" sub off 450 watts? I've been digging for subs a lot lately... for 100 bucks + shipping (15 maybe?) u can get an Image Dyamics IDQ 12 dual 2 ohm sub... saw a couple on ebay for 100 new in box.

    200 retail

    um... u can get the old style red cap momo for 75-100 usually ebay.

    if that DB 12 is in very good shape and u can find it, and this kid buys my mtx 6k's off me, i'l buy the single db 12 off you.
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    I was on a similar type of budget, but I was buying an entire system for seven hundred dollars...

    It ended up coming to about nine hundred dollars, but as soon as I tweak everything for max accuracy and power, then I'll be happy. I'll tell you one thing: reading the posts up here has made me a happier person.

    I've been doing home theatre projects for a while, but the car was I guess what you'd call my "intergalactic voyage..."

    Much of the same electronic principals apply, but acoustically, things are horridly different...for obvious reasons...

    Getting to you particular inquiry, though, I was able to purchase a buy one get one free Polk GNX104 from Cruthfield for $129

    As far as accuracy goes, 10" woofers have time and time again proven their general dominance in combined spl and accuracy over larger coned woofers...

    So if anything, go with a ten--or smaller (although low-end will suffer with each decline...)

    In addition, as anyone here will tell you, ensure that your woofer can perform properly in a sealed box. I personally feel that any woofer that can not perform in a sealed enclosure isn't even worth my time or money. So if there aren't specs for a candidate woofer referring to a sealed enclosure at some point and time, the woofer is probably not well built and depends entirely on non-woofer things (Ports, internal reflections, etc.)


    Whatever woofer(s) you choose to buy would be best as 10" and be able to operate properly in a sealed enclosure...this is for accurate reproduction of the original recording....

    OK oK...some folks may feel as though a properly used port in a ported box may reap extended frequency response...this is true...sadly, many individuals use the port to accent the woofer's natural resonance, not its roll-off point...
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