SR124DVC mounting question: Inverted

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I was wondering, I am in the process of working on my install and have come up with 2 configs for the trunk.
I know it is reccommended to have a .88cf (or 1.02 with sub) sealed inclosure for this sub, but I was wondering, does that same calculation apply if I was to mount the sub inverted (cool factor & fitment)?
Also, will I get the same tight bass I am looking for mounted this way?

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  • ThunderplainsThunderplains Posts: 38
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    Ok, so to clarify..

    Even though the specs call for a .88cf enclosure, 1.2 is optimal for this sub. In building the Box for either standard or inverted mounting, I should build a 1.2cf for both? or a 1.06 for inverted and a 1.2 for standard?

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