CSi A4 vs. Csi A6



  • Hi I'm new over here I've just started my set-up so not finished yet... Just bought Rtia9 towers for my front with a pioneer Vsx-832 as my amp thinking of CSIA6 for center and Fxia4 or 6 for rear speakers but I feel like my rtia 9's aren't throwing as much as they really could?? Any suggestions on what could help/what to buy?
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 41,774
    Yep and you won't like it. No AVR can properly drive the A9's, they need a good dedicated power amp. The news gets even worse for you, that AVR doesn't have pre outs to be able to connect a power amp.

    You would have been much better off getting the A3's or maybe the A5's with that AVR. Time to punt.
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