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I put a pair of gnx 104's in a 3.7 cu. ft. box tuned to about 35 hz that i made using a computer program. Is this box any good for these subwoofers, on the program the spl peaked at about 98 at 50 hz and the -3 db cutoff was at about 30 hz, is that ok for a subwoofer, it sounds pretty loud, i am not very concerned about transient response, i am mostly conserned with spl because i want to get the most for my power also i have about 200 watts total going to both wired in a series to 8 ohms and when i turn it up pretty loud it looks like the subwoofers are reaching their 6.1 mm xmax, i was wondering if since i hear no distortion at all how much more power can i give them when they look like they are being stressed. Also i was wondering why they appear to reach their limits at 200 watts and together they are rated for 350 watts? And why do polk gnx series subwoofers have such a low xmax? Most other subs have at least a half inch xmax.
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    i cannot answer most of what u are asking, however, this i can -- they dont have very much excursion, period, they are an SQ subwoofer... NOT an spl subwoofer. and u may be usuing the wrong sub (SQ versus SPL) for u're application... i am not sure though.

    they are more built for adding good sounding, smooth, clean bass to an audio system, not for shaking your neighborhood...

    also -- why wire htem in series to 8 ohms?? why not drop it down to 2 and have at it?
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    I am using the subs for my house and my amp is rated for 6 to 16 ohms.
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