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What would you guys recommend for a sedan as far as box design goes? sealed? bandpass?

The reason I ask is because I'm not sure how to configure it - a woofer firing at the center of the seats? A port firing through the deck? In the corner of the trunk?

I've always had hatch backs or trucks but would definitley like to get the best box for a nice SQ system. I really don't care about loud boomy bass and would prefer a lighter smaller box.

I'm not afraid of wood or fiberglass work either. After building a wooden and fiberglass stealth box for a 12" in a camaro I'm not scared ;)

FYI the woofer will be a mm104 in a Subaru WRX.

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    better idea...

    mount it in the rear deck
    ... the 10 will fit.

    cut a hole, and then drop the sub in with a mdf "box" bolted up underneath the deck inside the trunk... the woofer having been mounted with flange above hte deck in the cabin.

    it'll take a bit of work, and some good carpentry skills to fab up a solid wood deck plate that will fitin there so u're not mounting hte sub to steel, but it'll probably sound like a champ. definately the best SQ in a sedan. considereing mounting subs in the trunk = loss of sq due to the fact that you're listening to subs inside of "a box" instead of in "the box" with you.
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