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I Have 1983 Ninety Eight Oldsmobile, I want to put 4 GXR104's in a custom box, as you can tell I have all the room in the world. I want to put a amp rack on it some kind of way. Any help would be appriaciated.
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    how much internal volume do those subs need? and i take it they're tens? (i don't know model numbers, but i'm pretty good at math, so i can design a box reasonably well). as for the amp rack, are you going for something gaudy like alpine's project car , or for a stealth install, or something in between? cause if you're going for something fiberglass like that, with the whole customized look goin on, i'm outta the picture, cause i don't think anyone can figure out volumes of shapes like the enclosures in that car. (i'm probably mistaken, but i think they poured water in the fiberglass to figure out it's volume)

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