Report/Question New Audio Pro B1.35

Ok, well I got the new Audio Pro B1.35 Sub today.
Looks very nice. Shiny Black Lacquer Finish. Fairly small. They even provide white cotton glovelets to take it out of the box and set it up.

First off, I found no Line-Level outputs. Oh-well, I have read that running the signal back into the main in can lose some information in the translation, so - no big deal. If I want to connect the speakers directly to the sub, however- I can due to there being speaker connections on the sub (the crossover is set to 100 hz according to the manual.

Then I found only ONE RCA input. Now what. It says to connect the providfed 20' RCA able to the subwoofer out connection on the preamp. I don't have a preamp. I don't even have a sub woofer connection on my integrated amp.

So, I connected it to the Tape 2 Out (Right), and it works- what is the disadvantage of this setup? I am leaning toward sending it back for this very reason- but the sub woofer sounds really good so far.
Tony G - Gloucester, Va

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    So, I connected it to the Tape 2 Out (Right), and it works- what is the disadvantage of this setup?

    My guess is that you have no volume control through the integrated. As you adjust the volume on your speakers the sub will stay at the same volume. If this is the case it will work but you have to adjust vol at the sub.
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