RM6700/PSW303 with JVC-RXDV5SL

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Hi, I recently purchased the items in the subject line. The speakers have arrived and I am waiting for the JVC receiver. I have started the wiring. And I have 1 question:
1) The receiver's back side photo is this(copy & paste in new window to see it): (http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/S-gLRTYCIReaS/ProdView.asp?s=0&g=37700&id=morephotos&pi=2&i=257RXDV5SL&display=XL )

So, my question is the "subwoofer out" port on the receiver: is this going to connect to the PSW303's "LFE" port ??? please let me know.Thanks.
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    If you will be filtering (high passing) your sats at the receiver, then yes, connect from the sub out to the LFE in.

    If you filter at the receiver, do not use the line level inputs; they are filtered again by the sub.
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