New sub damper spider ring came loose and rattles

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I bought a set of mm2104 and have them hooked up to the Polk Polk MOMO C500.1 amp. Last week I notice one of the subs had a bad rattle in most songs. I took the sub out of the sealed box and looked at it. Under the speaker cone it has a voice coil cover which has a plastic ring glued to the metal frame of the speaker. I think it's called the Damper Spider ring. The glue has came loose and when I turn the volume to 5 on the alpine deck which is at a low listening level it rattles and if I hold the ring it stops. To me the plastic ring attack to the voice coil cover would not take much to break the glue loose when cranking the power up. Would the Polk Audio MM1040 be a better sub since it's a newer model? The Momo mm2104 is only 2 months old so should I try to glue it back or just return it since it's under warranty?
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    if you return it you will get a brand new one....i don't see why you wouldn't do that you only would have to pay shipping.....does your other sub do the same thing!?!? if not its pry just a manufacturing malfunction type deal
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    Crutchfield offered to out trade my momo MM2410 for a set of db1040 would these be better than the mm2410 or should I pay some boot and get the mm1040?
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    id go ahead and pay for mm1040
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