Wich is the best way to hookup my system??? need help!!!

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Hi, this is my system
Yamaha rx-v995 receiver
B&W DM 601 s2 ( front speakers)
Polk psw-250 (sub woofer)

I want to connect this because to see dvd´s
My problem is with the sub, i have 3 posibilities

1) Connect the yamaha speakers terminal to the sub, and connect the b&w to the sub

2) Connect the main speakers rca output from the yamaha to the sub, and connect the b&w speakers to the yamaha speakers terminal

3) Conect one sub rca imput to the yamaha lfe sub output (the polk doesn´t have a lfe imput, it only has speaker terminal imput or rca imput (left and right), and connect the b&w to the yamaha speakers terminal

Wich optioon would you use and why????????, please help me

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    Connect via speaker line (receiver's speaker to sub and sub to speakers). Set your main speaker to "large" and subwoofer to "non" in your receiver's bass management options. You'll geat great bass w/ either 2 channel music or dvd music.
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    Alternative approach here:
    Fairly standard use here, but try both and see which you like.
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