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I am a new owner of the Polk Audio PSW111. I bought them on sale for $149 during the Circuit City blow out sale (50% off). I use a Denon Digital Audio Receiver AVR 1706. For my right and left mains I use the Polk Audio Studio 10's. I have a few questions on my set up.....

1. Is the TFE jack Sub Woofer RCA jack on the back of the Denon my best bet to hook this puppy up for optimal sound?

2. Does the cord type matter much for improved sound? I am using a cheap RCA jack that came with the speaker

3. Although I am getting good bass sound I have to turn it up to a fulll 100% volume setting. I was hoping that I would only have to have it set to 50% with some room to spare. I have all the front speakers set to "Small" and the cross over set to 120Hz on my Sub Woofer.

4. My PSW111 sub woofer is sitting on a Berber wall to wall rug. Since one of the speakers points downward am I losing some bass to the rug? Would it be beter if this sat on some sort of wood plank or base?
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    i got mine hooked up to my onkyo 606 avr, and it sounds nice. good bass from it. i got it hooked up to the lfe in the back and its set at full on the hz. i let my avr amp push it, its set to 90 hz with my center and fronts set at 80 hz and my rears at 150 hz.
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    Thanks Jaff for the info. I found the setting on my Denon AVR1706 to boost the DBs in the SW channel. It was set to the default of "0". No wonder I was getting weak bass. This made all the difference. I now have the PSW111 set to around 50% volume. I will now turn down my frequency to around 80hz. The bass in this puppy woke up the house! The PSW111 rocks!! I almost took it back since I thought the bass was weak at first. Now I have a hard time turning it down. :)

    There are just so many controls and set ups on this Denon. I guess that is the fun of it. My wife told me last night...What you just don't plug it in and turn it on? Women!! LOL..We watched a movie last night with the Denon powering the sound and the new PSW111 SW. It sounded great!
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    hey guys i just got this sub and pioneer vsx-820-k, when i set it up first i was very worried cause there was no base! with the proper settings this thing sounds awesome!! im using an RCA to the LFE. i turned the volume all the way up on the sub and then controlled the DBs from the receiver, you wil have to find the sweet spot for the low pass settings, that will depend on your listening environment. read instructions first lol.
  • help me with the best connections for polka psw111 to hook up with yamaha rx-a830
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    LFE from the Yamaha to the input on your subwoofer, and turn the built in crossover in the sub all the way up. Then go through your Yamaha’s settings and set the crossover. What kind of speakers do you have? Depending on what you have and how deep they can play well, set your crossover accordingly. 80 hz is a good start. Also make sure that the subwoofer output is not turned down inside of the receiver.
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