2nd Subwoofer

Can I add another powered subwoofer if i use my surround preouts?
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  • shack
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    No...your best bet is to "daisy chain" them together if possible. If this isn't possible use a "Y" splitter from the LFE out to each of the subs
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    also try and keep the subs near each other or on the same wall. if you put i in the front and one in the back you can creat alot of problems for your self.
  • north51
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    I am also going to be setting up two subwoofers. I was going to use a Y-splitter, and connect two subwoofer cables to this(each with their own Y-splitter connect to the L,R on the subs).

    Is it better to set it up this way, or daisy chain them? By daisy chain, I assume that you are connecting one sub to the amp, and then the output of the first sub connects to the input of the second sub.

    Is there an output difference to either of these setups?

  • ntculenuff
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    i use 2 subs in my system, one connected to the lfe out of the receiver and this sub is located in the rear of my room and a second connected to the L & R pre out's of the recvr and this sub is located in front next to my tv stand.. as for problems none so far it is actually a very nice blend, using the front pre out's allows me to cross the front sub over higher than the lfe sub. i had them both "Y"'d off the sub out as mentioned above but there was way to much bass than prefered by me..
    just a thought from my system
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    There may (not always, but the possibility exists) be some signal degradation on a daisy chain set-up - depends on the plate amp.

    The best signal purity is to Y split off the pre-out and run two sub cables.

    Calibrate each sub 3 dB "cool" and then run them together - this should give you about the correct combined level if they are stacked or co-located in the same corner. Make minor volume adjustments at the receiver and if major adjustments are needed, make them at the plate amp.
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  • goingganzo
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    i was playing around with my setup one day. i added some old klh with 12 with a pr. i had a old sterio recever i used to power them. i used the dais chain tequnic. the olny problem is i lost some gain useing the outs of the plate amp. i tryed it both way and there was a noticible differance. i was testing the placement when i was going to but my sub behing my couch.