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Ok, I'm getting a little frustrated and need some advice. I have a Denon 1803 with a full set a Klipsch speakers, but the subwoofer is the Polk PSW 202. All speakers are working except the subwoofer. I am using an optical cable (Acustic Research) to go from my DVD player to the receiver. I'm using a Monster THX cable from the subout port on the receiver to the Line In port of the subwoofer. I have set the subwoofer to "on" in the receiver setup. The crossover is set to 80 Hz. The subwoofer mode is set to +Main in the receiver setup. I have tried many different combinations , but to no avail. Any advice to get the sub working would be greatly appreciated.
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    You are a big help need to think before you post...and in the words of Russman, "post less, much less."

    River, I am not familar with this sub. First thing I would do is make sure it is turned on, we have all made that mistake at one time or another.
    You might try a y-splitter into both the left and right inputs to the sub.
    Double check the owners manual to your Denon and make sure you have the receiver set properly.
    If all else fails try hooking it up via speaker level connections just to make sure the sub actually works. If it does't you may have a defective sub.
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    Hope this helps!

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    My advice would be one of two things:
    • Check to ensure that the PSW-202 is getting power and a signal (LED should be green on the back . Only if it has an Auto-On feature.)
    • Double check your bass management on the Denon. If it's similar to the Yamaha line, you can send the bass signal to the mains, the subwoofer, or both. How you described your settings, it sounds like the bass signal is only being sent to the mains. I'd play around with what you called "subwoofer mode is set to +Main in the receiver setup"

    Hope this helps.
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