best way to install GNX 10's

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i have a 93 lumina(huge trunk), i have a JL audio 15W0 and 2 Gnx 10's i was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to set it up?
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    well... when mixing subs, its best to have a REASON for it.... most times its guys with a 15 that realize that the 15 wont hit the upper frequency bass very well so they go get a couple of 8's or 10's to cover it.

    they then run their 15 with a 70 hertz (or so) low pass... and then bandpass (not the box, the crossover) 10's from 50 or 60 up to 100 .. maybe 120 but thats depending on the listener.

    least that's all i've ever seen.

    in which case i'd suggest you put the 15, ported (if possible per that sub) in the trunk. and then mount the 10s in your rear deck with sealed enclosures beneath them into the trunk area. that will, i believe, provide the best SQ.
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