Polk Subwoofer wiring problem

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hi, im the owner of a polk psw 250 subwoofer, the thing is that the amplifier of this woofer has 2 rca imputs (left chanel and right), and mi yamaha home theater receiver (yamaha rx-v995) only has one subwooer rca output, wich is the best way of connecting this two things
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    Set all the speakers to small on your receiver.

    Set the sub to yes/on.

    Set the sub volume at the receiver to a little less than the mid point of the range.

    Run the rca cable to either input on the sub.

    Turn the sub filter to its highest setting.

    Adjust bass volume at the sub plate amp to blend well with your other speakers.

    If you want to eventually get into system calibration with test tones and an SPL meter, get back to us. For now, this is a good starting point.

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    Thanks a lot, but the problem is with the rca cable because the receiver only has 1 sub output and the sub has 2 rca imput, y have to connect the rca output from the receiver to both left and right in the sub or only to one of the (left or right)??
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    Only one.

    If you really want to, you can get a Y splitter and use both the left and right inputs on the sub.. but you don't have to and the only thing that will do is give you an additional 3db is sound - an additional 3db of sound that you don't really need. ;)