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I am finally getting around to finishing my theater system but I don't know what will match best with what I have. I'm running a HK AVR55 receiver with RT7 fronts and a CS400 center. I was thinking about moving the RT7's to the rear and getting floorstanding fronts. (Or would this be wasting the RT7's?)

Anyways, what sub and front floorstanding speakers would best match what I have. (The room I'm in is about medium size)

Thanks for any of your help!
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    do you have a buget? i would recomend if you upgrade your mais to go with the 800 or 800i to match your center. or a set of 38 for the suround. if you keep the 7 as your mains. and a sub it all depends on how much cash youwant to shell out. you can go used and get a good bang for your buck or new for a bit more. you can get a good starter new sub for around 500 even a good used sub for around 300
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    I want to keep to current polk speakers and not used. Budget isn't a major factor, I am looking for above average to excellent quality but as I said before, it is a medium sized room that does not have to perfect and I don't want to wate money on something that is too big for the room.
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    Doc, another newbie for you to introduce to SVS...

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