Box for S10 X-cab, 2 Momo 12's

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I've Just recently purchased 2 of the new (since there have been a few) Momo 12's with enclosures. My friends are all making fun of me for spending the money on these subs instead of something "better' like some alpine type-R's or infinity perfect's. I happen to like the Momo subs, and I think they can sound a lot better in a different enclosure. I am currently running them off each off of their own Coustic 401 SE, 400 watt RMS 2 channel amp. I will be getting the Alpine 1000-D as soon as it becomes available to me. My plan was to build a ported enclosure for each sub and put it in the extended cab portion of my Chevy S-10.

I was playing around with some numbers last night, and my box program tells me that I might be able to do this with 12" long, 4in x 4in ports and a 3 cubic foot box for each one. This was tuned to 29 hz, and had a nice curve.

I have noticed that nobody ever talks about putting these subs in a ported (vented) enclosure. Is there a reason for this? I notice a lot of talk about bandpass boxes. I always thought that these were for cheap subs that didn't sound good in any other type of enclosure. I am obviosly going for sound quality, or I wouldn't have purchased the momo, but I also want it to be loud. If anybody could provide me with some specs for a box, that would be great. Keep in mind that they will be very close (right behind) the listener, and I can only go about 1 foot deep, 2 feet wide, and the height can be about 2.5-3 feet. Thats per woofer. I noticed the design for the isobaric ported box as well. What I am really looking for is a boosted low end frequency response. The sealed enclosures produce excellent high frequency bass, but not enough on the low end.

Sorry about writing a book,
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    You never see anything involving a ported box for the polk momo subs because they arn't designed to be used in a ported enclosure. From what i understand the sub would easily go past its x-max when put into a ported enclosure, damaging the sub.

    That's why the only two boxes that polk has on the website for the momo is a sealed box, and a bandpass in which one part of the box is sealed, and the other part is ported. The momo needs the pressure of the sealed box to prevent the sub from moving too much.

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    I would say that would only be true for people who don't know what they are doing. If you tune a MOMO's ported box to 24 Hz,'ll ruin the woofer (because it thinks its in open air). If you tune the box to 30 Hz or so (anything above 28.5, Rf) you'll be ok, and it won't go past the maximum excursion, since you've taken the resonant frequency into account. I feel that people don't like to talk about ported boxes, because they are easy to screw up. Well I'm going to use a program and use very precise measurements to build my box. I want to take my time and do this right. Judging by this overwhelming likes like I'm also going to do it alone. Thanks for the info though.
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    I was told flat out by KIM....That momos were a no no in Ported.. straight from the horses mouth!!!!!!:mad:
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    I'm not usually one to tell somebody a sub will blow up if u do this or that cuz i've done some stupid **** **** myself in my day, but the polkies (and the polk installer polkies, not just the customer service polkies) who work on these things every day keep sayin that the sub will DROP DEAD in a ported box. --- otherwise i really think we would have seen a polk demo car with a bunch of them ported just to show off the "balls" of the sub.

    as far as yoru friends --- they must not know much about subwoofers if they think an alpine type R or an infinity perfect is better... ((insert justin's commandmant regarding brand bashing -- cuz it eliminated the next 3 pages of this post where i tear into infinity))
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