My first CD-R

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I spent about 2 hours last saturday to burn my first CD-R, had a lot of fun, here is my song list:

Double vision (Foreigner)
Crazy on you (Heart)
Moonflower (Santana)
Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar)
Tonight (George Michael)
Respect the wind (Edie Van Halen)
Only yesterday (Capenter)
The man I never be (Boston)
Call me (Blondie)
Fooling yourself (Styx)
All by myself (Eric Carmen)
SOS (Abba)
Never fall in love again (Eric Carmen)
Close to you (Capenter)
Sorry see to be the hardest word (Elton John)
The show must go on (Queen)
Easy lover (Phil Collin)

Recorded via Pioneer PDR-609, digital to digital (optical), 1hour 50 min for the first CD(home use), second cd(car use), copy of the copy via TDK CD-R dirve(PC), 6min 45, 16x speed(can record up to 24x, but requires 24x blank disc)
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